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Casa Leone is the place of the “lioness” It is meant to be “a special island”, where time stops, and good atmosphere flows in the air. The name has been chosen due to a family heritage. All the female representatives for the last 4 generations have been “lioness” (according to the horoscopes). Our little hotel offers personalized rooms, the classical furnished terraces and the lovely interior garden will make you forget about the world beyond „the entrance gate”.

I would like to invite you to discover our little “world”, our “treasures” and last but not least our city Timisoara.

We look forward to meeting you.  Here, life is more beautiful.

Yours faithfully,
Dipl. Ec. Gina Gyuritza – head of the lioness
General Manager

City tour  Timișoara

Temesvar Kossuth - ter

Discover the history and the fascinating architecture of Timisoara, the first city in Europe with streets electrically illuminated.

For more information call the reception!
Info: 0723329612



Guided City Tour of Timișoara

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Double room from 38 euros - taxes included

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